Fallout Stations EP

We first became acquainted with the indie rock goodness of The Foundry Field Recordings last summer. Their sun kissed tunes were hard to get our of our heads, and it left us wondering why these guys aren't bigger than they are in their hometown of Columbia, Missouri. While the band is currently working on another LP in the not so distant future, this summer they released a little collection of songs entitled Fallout Stations EP which easily tides us over for the time being.

Starting off with the dreamy, space-like "Fallout Stations," a track most bands would push to be the last one on an album rather that the first. About halfway through the tempo changes and a meticulously crafted gem unfolds before the ears. It's a bold move, and one that suits Foundry Field Recordings well, as they have the gusto to follow it up wisely. Showing they are much more than sleepy pop, "Buy/Sell/Trade" matches the perfect combination of shoegazer and smart indie guitar rock. I said it in my last review of them, and I'll say it in this one too. This song encompasses what college rock should be; just like The Pixies and other staples from back in the day.

Slowing it back down on "Broken Strings," the band comes back in a big way with their perfect rendition of "Caribou." Normally when bands cover songs they, well, shouldn't. Luckily for us, and them, this one is great, full of reverb, and should make Frank and company smile. The EP ends with the melancholy "Transistor Kids," and leaves us wanting, and waiting for the upcoming LP.


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Fallout Stations EP