Simian Mobile Disco

It must be my sheer jealousy from missing last night's Daft Punk show that made me finally pop in the Simian Mobile Disco EP in order to get my dance on. By now everyone knows the story of Simian Mobile Disco (SMD). Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the demise of British based Simian resulted in members James Ellis Ford and James Anthony Shaw forming this new production and remix team. In the process they have worked with everyone from Muse and Klaxons to The Go! Team.

While the record came out overseas earlier this summer, us domesti-cats have to wait a little longer. In the meantime we can cozy up with four danceable gems that are sure to get a party started. The interestingly titled "Tits & Acid" is the single from the forthcoming Attack Decay Sustain Release, and is a perfect fit for those lovers of Digitalism and Chemical Brothers. If you were expecting "We Are Your Friends" V2.0, you might be a little disappointed, but those tears will quickly dry and be replaced with sweat.

The next three tracks act as b-sides to the upcoming LP, but don't sound like b-sides, if you catch my drift. "Simple" starts off a little darker, and a bit '80s. Then there is the instrumental "3 Pin Din" which is spooky, full of chirps and would be the perfect soundtrack to a robot movie. Hey, if Daft Punk can have a movie with robots there has to be some others out there too, right? "State Of Things" is a killer ender to the release that has a familiarity to it. After listening to it multiple times, you finally realize it is the freaking Tetris song. Kidding aside, it really does sound like one of the tunes from the game back in the day layered with sampled vocals.

While some savvy people might already have the import of Attack Decay Sustain Release, it's worth picking up their self-titled EP just for those three extra songs. If nothing else, you'll get a new take on Tetris, and who wouldn't want that?

"Tits & Acid"

Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco