Release Date: 09.25.07

Via Audio has been a part of our lives at The Tripwire for quite a while now. Well over a year ago, our very own Robert English started singing their praises, before the band actually hit the studio to start recording their debut full-length album. We approached them all the way back then to document the recording of SaySomething, an album that we've been waiting and waiting on. Music fans will soon be able to get their hands on the latest from this NYC group, which was well worth the wait.

When Chris Walla from Death Cab For Cutie goes bananas over a band's music, and Jim Eno from Spoon produces it, you can already get a vibe of what it is going to sound like. Intelligent, melodic indie pop is what Via Audio does best, and SaySomething captures that magic just right. The album eases you in with gentle male/female vocals and twinkling keys on "Developing Active People." They allow their pop music to float along with ease, never sounding forced or fabricated. It is just honest to goodness quality music that should bring a smile to anybody's face.

"Harder On Me" lets drummer Danny Molad throw down some unique beats, complimenting the voice of Jessica Martins. At times thoughts of The Cardigans come to mind, but with much more of an indie vibe. "We Can Be Good" is one of the standout moments on the album, with plenty of vocal harmonies, bright melodies and singalong moments. The chorus is irresistibly catchy, and could very well be the track that puts this band on the map.

Up next is the uptempo madness of "Presents," chock full of mountains of vocal harmonies throughout the entire duration of the track. Fans of Stars, Fields and other one word bands should love this. Speaking of one word bands, Eno lays down a heaping helping of Spoon influences on "Enunciation," which is the most rockin' track on the disc.

Their MySpace page mentions that they sound like gumdrops, root beer floats, banana splits and candy corn. While their music does have a delicious sugary coating, they're much more than just a throwaway pop group. Via Audio offers up some mighty great pop music with plenty of substance. Enjoying large amounts of Via Audio won't give you any cavities.

"Presents" MP3

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