The Wombats

The Wombats, quite possibly the cutest band name ever next to Smoosh, are finally releasing their self-titled EP digitally on September 18. Full of witty, punchy and most importantly memorable pop tunes, these Liverpoolians burst through the normality and shine brightly. After first becoming aquatinted with them from our own podcast several months ago, it was hard to get their upbeat jam "Backfire At The Disco" out of our heads, so our noggins were tickled pink when we saw that little ditty was the opening track on the new release.

After warming us up with a familiar tune, the guys' first UK single, "Kill The Director," pops on next. Melody, thick accents, a frighteningly danceable beat and chant-able chorus make this track one of the best we've heard leading up to Fall. How is it that three lads can create these little anthems? We aren't too sure but before there is time to think about it, "Moving To New York" busts on the speakers. Now, there are numerous songs about New York. Many of them being odes of love and love lost. This one however is about finding shelter and refuge in a new city, one that will make everything better. Banging bass lines and guitar riffs are abundant. Coming from somebody to recently discovered the greatness of Guitar Hero, this one would be fun to play with a group of friends over pints of Guinness.

The slower "Little Miss Pipedream" and hand-clap-tastic "Lost In The Post" are quick to follow suit and lead in nicely to the final track, a very fun CSS remix of "Kill The Director." Now only if their full-length would hurry the fuck up, and bring the them back to Texas.

"Kill The Director"

The Wombats
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The Wombats