Shaky Hands

Everyone knows our infatuation for all the (worthy) British bands out there. But what about all those groups from New Zealand? We have to be honest, that country isn't the first that comes to mind when we think of that new "buzz band." All that may change soon though with a little group called Cut Off Your Hands.

Already garnering praise from the likes of Steve Lemac, Cut Off Your Hands have put together a high impact and jarring introduction, all while keeping extremely busy. So much so that the quartet spent the summer in London recording their upcoming LP with Suede's Bernard Butler. They have the tunes to back up the hype, with the punk-inspired lead track "You & I," to the snotty and sneering harmonies in the chorus of "Expectations."

Hints of Gang Of Four and the now defunct/a less in your face version of At The Drive In can be detected in various parts of "Takes Slowly Over." While on "Let Go" the boys flex their vocal muscles with their singing range. On the other end of the spectrum, the beginning of the Cure influenced "Tell Me About" makes a 180 degree turn and becomes another bouncy punk anthem about half-way through. By the time the last track, "Sorry," comes up its hard to wrap our heads around how amazing this collection of six songs are in comparison to the influx of other releases that passes our desktops.

If the world were a perfect one, bands like Cut Off Your Hands would be heard on Alternative radio in power rotation. Their raw energy shines brightly, and most importantly, comes across on recorded medium. A lot of younger (and *cough* older ones too) could take a cue from these lads. If you're a fan of The Stooges, Buzzcocks or The Clash then definitely pick this one up. Now, let's cut off our hands and dance.

"You & I"

Cut Off Your Hands

Shaky Hands