Mozapalooza Returns To North American In September

For those who got screwed out of seeing Morrissey during his most recent tour when he canceled dates due to throat issues, you're now in luck. The Mozfather has announced the final round of performances of this tour on our shores, kicking off on Septemeber 21 in Las Vegas at The Pearl. If you're up for a road trip across the boarder, you can catch him one day earlier in Tijuana at El Foro.

According to True To You, this round o' shows includes an impressive ten night run at Los Angeles' Palladium. TEN NIGHTS! On the opposite coast, Mozzer is hitting up NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom for five nights. We consider that a much more proper venue than Madison Square Garden for attending one of his shows.

09.20.07 - Tijuana, Mexico (El Foro)
09.21.07 - Las Vegas, NV (The Pearl)
09.23.07 - San Francisco, CA (Fillmore)
09.24.07 - San Francisco, CA (Fillmore)
09.26.07 - San Francisco, CA (Fillmore)
09.27.07 - San Francisco, CA (Fillmore)
09.29.07 - Santa Barbara, CA (Country Bowl)
10.01.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.02.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.04.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.05.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.06.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.08.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.09.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.11.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.12.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium
10.13.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Palladium)
10.15.07 - Salt Lake City, UT (Thanksgiving Point)
10.17.07 - Waukegan, IL (Genesee Theatre)
10.19.07 - Royal Oak, MI (Royal Oak Theatre)
10.20.07 - Merrillville, IN (Star Plaza)
10.22.07 - New York, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
10.23.07 - New York, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
10.26.07 - New York, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
10.27.07 - New York, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
10.28.07 - New York, NY (Hammerstein Ballroom)
10.30.07 - Boston, MA (Orpheum)
10.31.07- Baltimore, MD (Rams Head)
11.02.07 - Washington, DC (Constitution Hall)


Mozapalooza Returns To North American In September