Bands That Should Reunite

2007 has been the year of band reunions. With The Police, Rage Against The Machine and (sort of) The Smashing Pumpkins all back at it, it makes you wonder what other bands are considering reforming. An interesting link was sent our way this morning, taken from the music news site Shoutmouth. On it, the site discusses twenty-five bands that should one way or another reunite. While we definitely agree with a good chunk of their selections, such as The Smiths, The Cocteau Twins, Fugazi and Pavement, I know our own Erin Chandler would add Pulp to that list. That long rumored Blur reunion with Graham Coxon would be pretty sweet as well. To see Shoutmouth's entire list, click here.

For me, there is one specific band from Austin that I'd love to see back in action. 7% Solution self-released two brilliant albums, and still rank in my top live bands of all time. Their beautiful, spaced out rock was the perfect balance of Pink Floyd and Spiritualized. It was absolute sonic bliss, and were a band that were just hitting their stride when they broke up a few years back. If you can get your hands on a copy, make sure you snag the limited edition version of their sophomore album, Gabriel's Waltz, which contains a mind-blowing cover of Can's "Oh Yeah." It is also the b-side to the 7" blue vinyl single for "Lullaby." Just to give the uninitiated a taste, here is a track from their debut, All About Satellites And Spaceships. I'll also toss in a live track they recorded on my old radio show in Dallas. You can find more on their MySpace page, which is still maintained by former guitarist James Adkisson.

"The Air Bends Sunlight" MP3

"Let It Go" (live on Merge Radio's Local Access) MP3


Bands That Should Reunite