Live - White Rabbits @ Emo's | Austin

Last Saturday brought the pleasure of the first late night of music in what feels like a long time. I've been missing shows left and right, either because I've planned very poorly, or there's nothing happening. But this is the "Live Music Capitol of the World," there's gotta be something going on, right? Well, more or less, yeah there is. You can always find a moderation of talent playing the blues on the corners of 6th Street or a Frat-Rock band playing STP and Skynyrd covers on the second floor of some college bar. I want to know where have the road shows been this summer? Maybe I'm out of the loop at the moment, who knows? The point is that this past weekend I was able to catch White Rabbits at Emo's thanks in large part to some push to associate Camel cigarettes with talented Indie rock bands, a point that I really could care less about, but is worth mentioning because it allowed me to attend for free. Thanks Camel! I don't like your cigarettes, but I like your supposed "taste" in music.

White Rabbits has emerged as one of my favorite acts of the year, from my first glimpse at the Levi's/FADER Fort, to their debut, Fort Nightly. Even their spot on Letterman a few weeks ago turned out good. They've got that whole Calypso, bar room, rock sound down, and the live translation is a damn enjoyable time.

Starting at 1 am was a slight setback, as by the time they came on, we'd already had to down a couple "pick me up" drinks, and were now paying for it. Although, once things got started it didn't seem to matter as everyone was swaying and bobbing in a perpetual state of drunken movement, thus is the effects of a White Rabbits show.

All in all, they didn't disappoint, driving home the big sound, and busting out a couple new songs (recently recorded for their Daytrotter Sessions) and some covers (Dylan's "Maggie's Farm", and Randy Newman's "Beehive State") in the process. The rest of the set was quick but consisted of the main highlights from Fort Nightly. One might attribute their enjoyment to the tribal excitement of hearing so much percussion live, others might enjoy the great ball of fire that results from Pianist/Percussionist/Vocalist Stephen Patterson's red-faced explosions. Still others might take to the size of the six-man setup, but any which way, White Rabbits managed to excite the crowd 'till the end. Here's hoping they head back soon.

Set List
"Kid On My Shoulders"
"While We Go Dancing"
"Navy Wives"
"Sea of Rum"*
"The Plot"
"Maggie's Farm" (Bob Dylan)
"I Used To Complain Now I Don't"
"Beehive State" (Randy Newman)

White Rabbits

Live - White Rabbits @ Emo's | Austin