The definition of Dystopia would force your rattled brain to fabricate a land of squalid existence where peasants rot like decaying corpses in fields of malodorous sewage which sizzle under the blistering Sahara sun, such as the current landscape of Iraq or any evil high school. So why the hell would three Koala bears from Australia title their debut clang of great barrier electro Dystopia? Well, I ain't no friggin Crocodile Dundee so how the hell would I know? What I do know is that's not a knife, this is a fucking knife that will cut the unused feet off of any square who sits, judges and stares at wildly dancing buffoons in the bowels of the planet's best nightclubs like some chump bump on a dead log.

Paris has Justice, Toronto has MSTRKRFT, Germany has Von Südenfed, and Australia's funkiest dance export comes by the name of Midnight Juggernauts, an unusual gang of Tasmanian devils whose influences range from splatter-painter Jackson Pollack to portly Pixie Frank Black, a flashy cast who will easily draw comparisons to Daft Punk and the hallucinogenic screwballs Black Moth Super Rainbow.

The trippy import sounds found on this down under delicacy will bewilder bodies with charitable heaps of indigenous amplitude. The aphotic vocals are somewhat menacing for an electro-fit whose primary goal is to make every caboose shake, wiggle, and bump the drugged out night away. Kid sounds like David Bowie versus Trent Reznor back on The Lost Highway soundtrack.

"Into The Galaxy" is a mountainous Barry Bonds-type home run, a mammoth knock out of the park, destined to rake in dozens of dum-dum dollars when this uncustomary disco brawl finally contests stateside ears. Like Kraftwerk sped down after gobbling some superior Eucalyptus trees with Rick Smith and Karl Hyde from Underworld. "G.L.O.R.I.A.-ok!"

This kangaroo crew only hop into the electronica arena for a few bouncy beats before springing into the vast circuit of indie-pop for a terrorizing chomp as wicked as Grizzly Bear consuming Radiohead's Kid A in some queer Stereolab outback.

Dystopia is a superior Australian conflagration, omnipotent and cracked, suitable for any hoofer willing to tackle it head on like a charging rhino in an open field. Damage will be done to bones and eardrums once the Midnight Juggernauts' granulating electro-pop pricks your chest plate with a zap more fatal than a stinger to the heart of Steve Irwin.

Midnight Juggernauts