Morrissey Turns Down Smiths Reunion Offer

OK Smiths fans, it just isn't going to happen. Most of us have come to grips with that, leaving only a tiny speck of hope that maybe, someday, somewhere, Morrissey and Marr would reunite for even just one show… or just one song. Just something… anything. Morrissey has made it mighty clear that any form of reunion tour is not in the cards, as he turned down one hell of an offer.

According to True To You, the Mozzer was approached by concert promoters to get The Smiths back on the road together. In fact, it only needed to be Morrissey and Marr. The tour would be a minimum of fifty dates, and would take place in either 2008 or 2009. The paycheck offered was a staggering $75 million. This breaks down to $1.5 million per show, which would make many musicians weak in the knees. The Mozfather officially declined the offer.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Morrissey is set to embark on the final leg of his North American tour in September. These are his last dates for the foreseeable future, so catch him while you still can!


Morrissey Turns Down Smiths Reunion Offer