Portishead Mixes New Album

Ever feel like you are constantly checking up on one of your favorite bands? We seem to be doing that lately with Portishead. OK, so we are overly giddy that album number three is finally in the works, and yes, we watched the live DVD from their NYC show about ten years ago on our brand new surround sound system, but what can we say? We are excited!

As previously reported, the guys (and girl) were getting ready to mix the new record. Now we hear the band is knee deep in mixing. According to a message on the group's MySpace page, they said, "The mixing is going well. We're working with our mate Craige Silvey again as extra pair of ears in the studio and he has a mighty fine pair. We also did a backing vocal session the other day with Ben, David and Team Brick. So things are pretty relaxed."

Let the countdown begin!



Portishead Mixes New Album