The Cure Bails On Fall North American Tour

To the disappointment of goth kids around the country, their beloved Cure have postponed their upcoming North American dates until April and May of 2008. The reason? The band's upcoming double-disc album just isn't ready yet. Before your mascara starts to stream down your face in a flood of tears, remember that April is only eight months away. Just throw on that copy of Entreat that you have stashed in your collection (we do too), close your blinds and get your mope on.

Here is the band's official announcement about the tour postponement:

With all apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment it may cause, we have made a decision to move the September/October 2007 North American Cure shows to April/May 2008.

The schedule as it stands only gives us a couple of weeks to finish our new double album before we hit the road again, and we know this just isn't enough time to complete the project to our total satisfaction.

The Cure

The Cure Bails On Fall North American Tour