The Distant Future

Comedy records can come and go (anyone remember the monstrosity of the Adam Sandler CDs? Oof.), but there is something that makes Flight Of The Conchords stand out above the rest. Maybe it's their thick New Zealand accents, or the fact they have been touted as the country's fourth most popular comedy folk act, or maybe it's the sheer genius in their lyrics covering various genres. Regardless of the case, one thing is for certain; these guys are great.

Anyone with half a brain has at least heard of their hit HBO show, or seen some clips of them over the past year on the internet. However, it was with the aforementioned television program where their brand of songwriting skills comes to the forefront head-on.

In life we are often brought to the fork in the road asking ourselves what is good and what is bad. When reviewing The Flight Of The Conchords' newest effort, The Distant Future, this query comes up. On the upside, we finally have some recorded work from the songwriting team. The downside? It is only six tracks. So many of our favorites ("Bowie's In Space," "The French Song," etc) are missing, but the ones that did make it on the EP are worth it. It was probably pretty hard to come up with the final track listing, not to mention not ruining the surprise of the tunes for the upcoming episodes.

Opening up with the smooth and sultry "Business Time," it's hard not to imagine Barry White trying to seduce a modern day, overworked and bored lady. On the folkier "If You're Into It" the duo explore such topics as getting lewd with some food in the kitchen, and other silly trysts of expressing admiration for the one you lurve. The '80s power ballad is given a new coat of paint with "I'm Not Crying," and the last three tunes are live cuts that have been featured on the show as well ("The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room," "Banter" and "Robots.")

The Flight of the Conchords might not be for everyone, but if you have a sense of humor and like well-written songs (even if they are comedic), this is a perfect collection. Six tracks that make me think their upcoming LP will have us all in the hospital with stitches from laughing so hard.

"Business Time"

Flight Of The Conchords


The Distant Future