Elbow Working On New "Darker" Album

Now, exactly how the UK group Elbow could produce a darker album than their previous efforts is a bit mind boggling, but apparently that is exactly what they've set out to do. The Manchester band has gone through a rough patch with the loss of their friend Brian Clancy, and according to Gigwise, this has made quite an impact on the sound of their as-yet-untitled new album.

In an interview at Summer Sundae, frontman Guy Garvey said: "Lyrically in parts it's lighter, but in parts it's much darker - it's been a tough couple of years for the band in many ways."

At least it isn't going to be a total downer, as he added: "I was writing lyrics throughout the healing process so there's some really positive life-affirming stuff. Writing more about how loss affects people positively rather than negatively." Fortunately he did clarify that it will not be "a miserable, moaning record."


Elbow Working On New "Darker" Album