Video - Northern State "Better Already"

The lovely ladies of Northern State are celebrating the release of their third full-length album, Can I Keep This Pen, today via Ipecac Recordings. Hesta Prynn, Spero and Sprout have returned in a big way, working with Chuck Brody (Shitake Monkey) and Adrock (yes, from the Beastie Boys) on what could be their finest album to date.

The lead single, "Better Already," looks back to the golden days of Luscious Jackson, which makes us quite happy. The video for the single was directed by Sean Donnely, and is just as fun as the track itself. Watch the video below, and then immidately run out and buy the album! Ya gotta love anybody who gives the thriving metropolis of Weehawken a shout-out! Oh yeah, and if you missed them the first time, click here to see if Northern State is coming to a town near you.

"Better Already"

Northern State

Video - Northern State "Better Already"