Pylon's Legacy Lives On Thanks To DFA

Your average music fan may have no idea who the Athens based band Pylon was, as only a select few were fortunate enough to stumble upon their highly influential music. In fact, back in '87 when Rolling Stone hailed R.E.M. as "America's Best Rock And Roll Band," drummer Bill Berry said that the title should belong to Pylon.

To help give Pylon's debut LP, Gyrate, the attention that it deserves, DFA will be re-releasing the album on October 16. It was originally released back in 1980, and this reissue marks its first time to ever appear on CD. The tracks were taken from the original reels and were remastered, also including the previously unreleased track "Functionality," as well as their 7" single "Cool" and the 10 inch 45 rpm EP.

We're mighty excited about this one, and are anxiously waiting for our own copy of Gyrate. Bring it!


Pylon's Legacy Lives On Thanks To DFA