Sigur Ros DVD & Double CD On The Way + Trailer

The Icelandic sonic geniuses Sigur Ros have two releases coming to North America on November 6 via XL. One will be a DVD titled Heima, the other a double disc CD set called Hvarf / Heim. From the looks of it, you'll be wanting both of these... we sure do.

Lets start with the DVD, Heima. The title translates to "At Home" and/or "Homeland," in case you were curious. The footage was taken from a series of free concerts that the band performed in Iceland throughout the summer of 2006. This includes both the largest and smallest concerts of their entire career. The film is edited by Nick Fenton and was directed by Oscar-nominated Dean DeBlois. Sigur Ros performed in some mighty random locations, including abandoned fish factories, darkened caves and the huge Asbyrgi canyon, so the footage should be nothing short of spectacular.

As for the CD set, Hvarf / Heim, disc one contains primarily two EPs. The five tracks are new recordings of "lost songs" from throughout the band's history. The first three are "Salka," "Hljomalind" and " I Gear," which were all either never recorded before or were just not included on completed albums. The final two, "Von and "Hafsol," are complete reconstructions of the original versions from the band's debut album. The second disc contains six live acoustic songs taken from all four of Sigur Ros' studio albums. Many of these were impromptu performances, as several of the locations of their 2006 tour had no electricity.

Below is the trailer for Heima. After watching it, all we can say is holy shit... this is going to be amazing. Enjoy!

Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros DVD & Double CD On The Way + Trailer