The Futureheads Complete New Album In Spain

Ah, the tough life of a rock band. Must have been a miserable time recording an album in... SPAIN! Yup, the lads of The Futureheads zipped over to Spain with producer Youth, cranking out their third album in three weeks. Guitarist Ross Millard informed fans of the new album on the band's blog, where he said:

We've been as busy as we ever have over the last six months -we started the year writing and rehearsing for the third album, and, after playing some of our best shows in Austria, Italy, Russia, Germany, and Sweden we jetted off to Granada in Spain to make the new record.

We spent three weeks (yes, just THREE WEEKS - record time for the Futuremen!) in Andalusia with Youth making the as-yet-untitled (of course!) third album! It was our best recording experience yet because it was the first one that hasn't involved any kind of nervous.

He also added that they will be streaming some of the new tunes online in the next few months, so we'll keep an eye on their website for those to pop up.

The Futureheads

The Futureheads Complete New Album In Spain