Supergrass Member Seriously Injured

This is not a cheery way to start the long weekend. We just got word that Supergrass bassist Mick Quinn has been seriously hurt in an accident, resulting in the band having to back out of their Oxford show in September.

BBC6 reports that the band member slept walked out of a first floor window in the south of France and broke his back. After being rushed to a spinal specialist unit in Toulouse, surgeons repaired two vertebrae and treated a smashed heel. His recovery is expected to take several months, but he should be right as rain afterwards.

Frontman Gaz Coombes commented to BBC6 regarding the incident saying, "We hope the crazy fool gets back on his feet as soon as possible. I'm sure he'll make a full recovery; he's a tough cookie."

We wish you the best too Mick!



Supergrass Member Seriously Injured