Apple And Starbucks To Drain More Money From My Wallet

By now most tech heads have already seen the ultra sexy new iPods that Apple head dude Steve Jobs debuted yesterday, making gadget goobers wet their collective pants. Hell, we did too. The new iPod Touch is mighty rad, although now that the iPhone has dropped in price, we're saving up our pennies for one of those.

In case you missed out on the news, Apple has unveiled a new version of the iPod, which is called the iPod Touch. Basically, if you strip out the phone features of the iPhone, you get the iPod Touch. It is a bit thinner, features the same sweet multi-touch interface, and will be available in 8 gig ($299) and 16 gig ($399) models. If you happen to be holding out for an iPhone, waiting was a mighty smart move. The 4 gig version is being axed, with the 8 gig model dropping down to $399. Yes, that is $200 cheaper than it was just a few days ago. SWEET!

Now that the new iPod Touch will feature WiFi, Jobs is going to tempt you to spend even more money by launching the iTunes WiFi Music Store at Starbucks. If you are the proud owner of an iPhone of iPod Touch, the device will automatically recognize the WiFi Store without a connection or hot spot fee. After sitting down to enjoy your latte, you can now browse some tunes and purchase them as well.

The iTunes WiFi Music Stores will launch at Starbucks locations in Seattle and New York on October 2. After that, they will expand to San Francisco on November 7, Los Angeles in February '08, Chicago in March '08, with many more coming later that year.


Apple And Starbucks To Drain More Money From My Wallet