Jason Falkner Resurfaces For LA Show + New Album

To put it simply, Jason Falkner is a musical badass. From his early days in the '90s alt-pop group Jellyfish to his brilliant solo albums, Falker's musicianship is tops in our book. His albums Presents Author Unknown and Can You Still Feel are masterpieces of indie pop, with wave after wave of infectious melodies. His name has gone unmentioned for far too long, but fortunately it looks like he is back with a new album.

Yes kids, Mr. Falkner is back in action with I'm OK... You're OK. Oddly enough, it is already available in Japan via Noise McCartney Records, and is supposed to be released sometime this year here in the US. For fans in the Los Angeles area, don't miss his upcoming performance at The Roxy. He will be performing with a full backing band on September 13, which should be mighty rad.

09.13.07 - Los Angles, CA (The Roxy)

I'm OK... You're OK
01. "This Time"
02. "NYC"
03. "The Knew"
04. "Stephanie Tells Me"
05. "Hurricane"
06. "Anondah"
07. "Komplicated Man"
08. "Runaway"
09. "Say It's True"
10. "Contact"
11. "This Life Of Mine"
12. "I Don't Mind"

Jason Falkner

Jason Falkner Resurfaces For LA Show + New Album