The Ongoing Saga Of The Next Blur Album

The on again off again, gossip fueled mess that has been the potential Blur reunion just got another boost of juice by NME. The mag spoke with bassist Alex James, who seems to believe that a full reunion, which will include guitarist Graham Coxon, looks "very promising."

Although the sessions were supposed to be this month, it is now looking like October will be more likely. So exactly how have the band members been in touch? James answered, "I texted Graham this morning and got one back. I saw Damon (Albarn) about a month ago and I spoke to Dave yesterday. We're all talking." It doesn't seem like much, but hey, at least it is something.

C'mon fellas... we need one more Blur album! James seems to feel that way as well, adding, "It's important for us emotionally not to leave Blur as an unfinished thing. It could be good musically as well."


The Ongoing Saga Of The Next Blur Album