Gallows Frontman Chooses Tattoos Over Music

This isn't quite the kind of news we expected from Frank Carter, frontman for the insanely rad UK punk group Gallows. These lads absolutely blew our socks off at the Levi's/FADER Fort in Austin this past March. The band's sick live show was sent into orbit through the mad antics of Carter, who definitely sports some amazing tattoos.

The dude is obviously into body art, and apparently that is his true passion in life, not music. After getting tatted up on stage at this year's Reading Festival, he announced that music is not his life. He said: "Gallows is not my life. Never has been, never will. It's a hobby I get paid for. I'm a tattoo artist - that will always be my life and job. Being in a band is something I do for fun. I quit the band four times before we signed to a major label. Gallows won't last five years."

Although that announcement is quite a bummer, Carter did note that Gallows will continue for at least one more album. He added: "We'll definitely write and record the next album. And I'd like to make a third. But as I said, tattooing is my life."

To see what all the fuss is about, check out our album review of Orchestra of Wolves, and then peep our two videos of their performance at The Fort.


Gallows Frontman Chooses Tattoos Over Music