Peace Out Sound Team

With one of the quietest breakups in recent memory, it seems that Austin's indie rockers Sound Team have officially thrown in the towel. Two years ago they were the talk of SXSW, but due to a range of reasons from personal tensions to money issues, they are no more.

The news came from founding member Bill Baird's blog, where he also noted that the band's entire catalog, including live recordings, radio sessions, b-sides and outtakes will be made available on their website for free. Each member of Sound Team already has plenty going on, which you can read about on the blog.

About the end of the band, Baird added: "Having founded the band with Matt, I feel emotional about all this. I invested years into the group, dreamt crazy dreams, laughed, toured, made great friends. I regret nothing. The band, in my mind, achieved great success and made fantastic music. I set out with this band to restore a sense of joy and exuberance to musical performance. At our best, we achieved that goal."

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Peace Out Sound Team