Peter Hook Clarifies New Order Reunion Rumors

One thing that is great about Peter Hook is that he doesn't hold back any news, or opinions. The former New Order bassist once again hopped on MySpace to post a blog entry clearing up any rumors that may have been spawned be a recent article in the Manchester Evening News.

Apparently Hooky had a recent conversation with Tony Wilson's son, Oliver Wilson. A discussion about New Order reuniting in honor of his father was brought up, which is where the press sensationalized his comments. Here is the blog entry on which Hooky clears it all up:

Can I just clear up this Manchester Evening News Article. In a conversation with Oliver Wilson about a tribute gig for his father, he asked me what the chances were of getting New Order to perform. I said, "Seeing as we have just split up, pretty slim.", he then said to me "If I could get the others to agree, would you do it?", I said "In honour of your father, I'd do anything."

This means I would sell the popcorn, take the tickets, sweep up after, play bass in New Order/Joy Division/Crawling Chaos.

I do wish that people would read things properly before mouthing off. I am definately going to have to learn to keep my big fat mouth shut (but I blame the bloody press!). And as Tony would say "Fuck em!"

Peter Hook on MySpace

Peter Hook Clarifies New Order Reunion Rumors