On The Cover - Tim Williams


Every once in a while an artist releases an album that instantly pulls you in. Having the perfect balance of catchiness and great songwriting, you find yourself listening to that particular album on repeat for days on end. This is the case of Tim Williams, a Brooklyn singer-songwriter who will be releasing his sophomore full-length album, When Work Is Done, on October 2 via Dovecote.

Tim Williams' music is honest, sincere and well-crafted, qualities that caught the ear of UK-based producer Dave Lynch (The Duke Special, The Late Greats). Paul and Phil Wilkinson filled out his musical ensemble for the recording sessions from the Amazing Pilots. Once the production pieces of the puzzle were in place, Williams began to write and demo in his Brooklyn apartment.

An unfortunate setback almost derailed the whole album, as the day before Paul Wilkinson arrived to sort through his nearly one hundred demos, his computer containing the tracks was stolen. He quickly purchased a four-track recorded and plowed through the fifty or songs that he could remember. Fortunately, When Work Is Done was completed, filled with hints of Americana, indie and pop, which helped create a sound that is truly hard to define. Williams found his own sound, and it deserves to be heard.

Over the course of our On The Cover feature with Tim Williams, we'll offer plenty of exclusive treats including some music downloads, but we'll start with his photo shoot taken by Dorothy Hong. You can also get a sample of songs from When Work Is Done by visiting his MySpace page.

Photos By Dorothy Hong

Tim Williams
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On The Cover - Tim Williams