Leaves In The River

Release Date: 09.25.07

Yet another solo artist with a stage name, Sea Wolf is Alex Brown Church's creation of beautiful music that makes you want to take a drive along the sunny countryside. As a follow up to Sea Wolf's blogger popular debut EP, Get To The River Before It Runs Too Low, Church's latest LP Leaves In The River (Dangerbird Records) will keep the angry blog fingers at bay. With a little help from master producer Phil Ek (Band of Horses, The Shins, Built to Spill, Les Savy Fav), Leaves In The River is a dreamy, guitar centric album with some folky elements. It's sweet indie-pop with lush arrangements that compliment the melody and Church's voice.

Sea Wolf has carved himself a knack for these indie lullabies that sing to your inner thoughts. "Leaves In The River" sets the tone of the album with a brooding buildup of deep thumps and ethereal 'oohs.' The one self-defining song from the EP, "You're A Wolf," is also on this debut full-length. It's a string-heavy tune, and very full sounding, like many of the songs on this album. It isn't too overproduced, but rather, every song is intricately perfected. The LP contains a couple of romantic ones like the chime filled "Rose Captain" and "Winter Window," an accordion accompanied tune that gives it an old French feel. What with its tambourine chimes and handclaps, it seems appropriate for an interesting night at a café along the Seine.

An electronic beat even makes an appearance on this album in "The Cold, the Dark & the Silence;" a song about a winter relationship, or lack there of. As interesting as the songs are on this album, it doesn't stray too far from the standard singer-songwriter plus an acoustic guitar. "Black Dirt" and "Black Leaf Falls" are two examples of that earnest singer escorted by an acoustic guitar sound. Church's voice is tender and almost tortured, in a Connor Oberst way, but not as shaky and grating.

Grab your tissues and go see Sea Wolf and his heartstrings tugging music on tour now.

Remaining Tour Dates:

09.21.07 - Los Angeles, CA (Greek Theater)
10.03.07 - San Francisco, CA (Independent)
10.04.07 - Portland, OR (Doug Fir)
10.05.07 - Seattle, WA (Chop Suey)
10.07.07 - Vancouver, BC (Media Club)
10.11.07 - Minneapolis, MN (7th Street)
10.15.07 - Columbus, OH (Basement) w/ Nada Surf
10.16.07 - Cincinnati, OH (20th Century) w/ Nada Surf
10.17.07 - Louisville, KY (Jim Porters) w/ Nada Surf
10.18.07 - Indianapolis, IN (Birdy's) w/ Nada Surf
10.19.07 - Dekalb, IL (House Cafe)
10.20.07 - Chicago, IL (Schubas) w/ Nada Surf
10.22.07 - St Louis, MO (Gargoyle Club) w/ Nada Surf
10.23.07 - Nashville, TN (Exit In) w/ Nada Surf
10.24.07 - Birmingham, AL (Bottle Tree) w/ Nada Surf
10.26.07 - St Augustine, FL (State Theater) w/ Nada Surf
10.28.07 - Atlanta, GA (Earl)
10.29.07 - Athens, GA (40 Watt Club) w/ Nada Surf
10.30.07 - Asheville, NC (Orange Peel) w/ Nada Surf
10.31.07 - Carrboro, NC (Cat's Cradle) w/ Nada Surf
11.01.07 - Charlottesville, VA (Satellite Ballroom) w/ Nada Surf
11.02.07 - Baltimore, MD (8x10) w/ Nada Surf
11.03.07 - Philadelphia, PA (North Star)
11.05.07 - New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)
11.07.07 - Montreal, QC (La Sala Rossa)
11.09.07 - Toronto, ON (El Macambo)
11.13.07 - Denver, CO (Larimer Lounge)
11.14.07 - Salt Lake City, UT (Urban Lounge)
11.18.07 - San Diego, CA (Belly Up)

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