Two Gallants

To me, there are two ways of looking at the world. It's easy to pick out the flaws in life, the times you were fucked over or the people who didn't look back as they took away your heart. On the same coin, the triumphant victories and the camaraderie that makes the human spirit so celebrated and inspirational often voids the sad and the hurt we experience.

San Francisco's Two Gallants have been through a lot, but you wouldn't know it just by looking at them. They've been through back-to-back tours, endless hours on the road and away from home, and in the studio all for the better part of two years, not to mention a brush-in with the law in Texas last October. Listening to their new self-titled full length, the product of this journey of epic proportions, all of their hard work has wonderfully paid off, and the result is a tight, well-versed collection of old, previously live-only tunes and new, melodic yet furious guitar strumming-infested tracks. Adam and Tyson take their experiences in the not-so-good realm of life and turn it into something beautiful and to be learned from.

"So now, let me tell you about this girl of mine" opens the first track "The Deader," a sweet love-gone-wrong song, "Cos love don't pay the bills" furthering the sentiment. The sharp twangs of the folk acoustic guitar help place this song either at a backyard barbecue or roller derby as background music. Soft acoustic "Trembling Of The Rose" showcases the duo's storytelling skills and is arguably one of the best on the album, while "Ribbons Round My Tongue" opens with a soulful harmonica solo and bluesy undertones. "Despite What You've Been Told" finds the band throwing back to more classic folk-inspired anthems while still retaining a strong sense of independent spirit.

Two Gallants is one of those bands you can either find on the mainstage of the Warfield, or at my coffee shop around the corner from my house, and that's what I like about them; they're not afraid to adjust and develop their craft as they grow, and that determination is completely admirable.

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Two Gallants
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Two Gallants