Gear Stolen After Akron/Family Gig

It has been a little while since we've had to report the theft of another band's gear, but unfortunately, that time has once again arrived. North Carolina's Megafaun is currently on tour with Akron/Family as the opening band, as well as part of Akron's expanded lineup. After their show on Sunday night in Toronto at Lee's Palace, their van was broken into and some gear was stolen.

For our friends in the Toronto area, keep an eye out for the following at pawn shops and used music retailers:

1 Deering Siera Banjo with Hard Case, Dark and a Pick-up
1 Reverend 6-String (Olive Green, Semi-Hollow) in TKL Case
1 Fender Jaguar Baritone 6 String Sun Burst
1 Minidisc recorder in grey bag

If you happen to know any information about the assholes that committed this crime, or even the whereabouts of their stolen equipment, send the band an email.


Gear Stolen After Akron/Family Gig