The Sex Pistols Re-Record Classic For Guitar Hero

We have no problem admitting our addiction to Guitar Hero. While serious gamers go apeshit over the Halo franchise, we'd much rather get out our plastic axe and strum away to Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" or Bang Camero's "Push Push (Lady Lightening)." We've been on pins and needles waiting for the release of Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock, and it just got even cooler.

The Sex Pistols have now announced that they will be re-recording their classic punk rock anthem "Anarchy In The UK," which will be included in the game. The band was unable to locate the original multi-tracks for the song, so gaming company Activision asked original members John Lydon, Steve Jones and Paul Cook to re-team with producer Chris Thomas in the studio. The band recorded a couple of songs, even using the original sound desk that was built for George Martin at Air Studios in London, so it is going to still have the Pistols' classic sound.

So what did the band think about joining up with Guitar Hero? John Lydon commented: "Re-recording them [the songs]--what a stress you put on us but we rose to the occasion I think...admirably!" Adding that, "a bit of anarchy in a video game is alright by me." Steve Jones added: "It was great for Guitar Hero to, in a way, get us back in the studio. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but it actually turned out great and I think everyone held their own. I like it because my friends' kids like it. And I like what kids like."

Other artists that will be featured on Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock will include Guns N' Roses, The Rolling Stones, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and many more. The game hits stores on October 28, and yes we're counting the days.

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The Sex Pistols Re-Record Classic For Guitar Hero