Places Like This

Architecture In Helsinki are an unorthodox collective of outlandish artisans who come from anywhere but Finland. Places Like This is the third stockpile of studio lunacy from this peppy swarm out of Melbourne Australia and first on the Polyvinyl record label. The quirky koala's spliced up a sensational remix album called We Died, They Remixed in 2006 and recently joined the Champaign, Illinois imprint Polyvinyl.

Formed in 2000 by offbeat front man Cameron Bird, who sounds like Fred Schneider and David Bryne eloquently checking one another for hernias, all thirteen billion (officially six) members of this screw crew gleefully frolic amongst a catacomb of instruments, adding their individual spazz shenanigans to the collective boat which spins off the map and onto a disorderly terrain of madness.

Without questioning one's sanity, or lack of it, one can honestly say that Places Like This is strange melting pot of weird. Just what kind of freaky fish do they catch down under? At times it causes a smile like Of Montreal or causes a wiggle in the pants, commanding ass cheeks to dance like The Go Team! Artist Will Sweney created an exceptionally accurate cover for this aberrant album which intricately features a queer metropolis of multi-colored creatures roaming madly down a boulevard of wicked luminescence.
"Heart It Races" MP3

Architecture In Helsinki

Places Like This