Morrissey Plans 2008 Release

Morrissey, who is currently on tour, recently leaked some information that is sure to get all his fans in a tizzy. The 48-year-old (can you believe that?) was interviewed on the BBC and broke news on his plans to release another new album in 2008 and that most of the new material is already in the works.

On the new songs Morrissey commented, "The plan is to make a new album after this tour. It's absolutely written and completely ready. You are bound to pick up influences whose lyrics are famed for incorporating social and political commentary. But when you create and write it's very important to be yourself and that's what I've always tried to do. I'm outside the mainstream, and the mainstream never let me in."

It should be interesting to see who releases the music in the States considering Sanctuary closed their doors earlier this year. Maybe he should go the way of Radiohead and The Charlatans? Either way we are sure to grab it when it is available. In the meantime check out this cute clip that The Music Slut found of Mozzer and mini-Moz dancing it up at The Fillmore. Yes, and the kid's name was Morrissey too.



Morrissey Plans 2008 Release