Blur Reunion Lunch = No Immediate Plans For Album

OK, so the infamous reunion lunch, bringing back all four members of Blur for the first time since guitarist Graham Coxon's departure, appears to have gone well. Alex James documented bits from the lunch in his recent article in The Independent, where he stated that it did indeed happen, but the results aren't quite what fans will want to hear.

He stated that the rumors of an upcoming Blur album have been "greatly exaggerated," and that lunch was nice, but it was "just lunch." They have no immediate plans to hit the studio, once again leaving Britpop fanatics puzzled if one more album will ever actually happen.

This doesn't give us any reason to give up, but even just a hint some progress would be nice. At least the lunch didn't end up with Coxon throwing some of James' cheese at Damon Albarn. See, it could have been worse!


Blur Reunion Lunch = No Immediate Plans For Album