Spirit If...

Release Date: 09.18.07

We have always been fans of the Canadian health care system, John Candy, and the good people at Arts and Crafts, the independent label founded by Kevin Drew. Drew is also the Co-creator of the Toronto talent show Broken Social Scene and spearhead of Spirit If..., the first in a series of solo shots fired from every skilled finger in BSS.

From the soulful smash of "Lucky Ones," to the exquisite regality of "Broke Me Up" (with tap dancing, ivory twinkling and random coughing to boot!), Spirit If... is a brawny album of clever songs individuality boiled like a strange brew in a kettle of collective cool. "TBTF" is a saucepan bang of Drew's falsetto tweet tangled in lavish strings and elegant horns. "F--Ked Up Kid" is a bleary chase in a burning helicopter with a heartbreak criminal who just stole your heart, literally, like Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom. "Frightening Lives" is a glowing comet of pop, with space keyboards and frazzled guitars that blind the eyes with eons of Ziggy Stardust. "Backed Out On The..." throws vintage pumpkins and junior dinosaurs into a sack of belligerence and stones it silly like The Dandy Warhols on acid covering Cheap Trick.

If you have over an hour of free time, frolic with this radiant cluster from Kevin Drew, you should get it done Chachi! Scenester and Co-BSS pioneer Brendan Canning's hot seat in the spot light is set for Spring 2008.

Kevin Drew
Arts & Crafts

Spirit If...