Hexes For Exes

Release Date: 10.09.07

L.A.'s dance-punk champions Moving Units are kicking a hole through your speakers with their sophomore effort Hexes for Exes. Much like their first album, Dangerous Dreams, this record is filled with danceable beats to make any scenster bounce in their seats. Fans of the first LP are still getting all the head bobbing noise, but it's not all just thump-heavy dance music. An element of rock is also thrown into the mix in several songs, all held together by a common electronic beat. That's in case you forget that you're still listening to a dance band trio. Singer Blake Miller sounds like Damon Albarn backed by Hot Hot Heat. It's not wonder Moving Units has opened for both of them.

Hexes for Exes is a tricky album because it makes you dance to subjects you wouldn't normally mindlessly dance to. Miller sings of being really emotional, being lost in self-pity, the need for love, and the aimlessness of social scenes. They speak about the mindless club-going youth in "The Kids From Orange County;" with a constant thumping, Depeche Mode-like guitar, and a Faint/Raputre-esque melody, melded together with a series of "La-la-la's." The "la-la-la's" don't stop there. The low toned, constant bleating synthesizer track "Pick Up the Phone" is riddled with that repetition. From the sound of it, Moving Units is well influenced by Depeche Mode, New Order, and The Cure with similar strums and bass lines. Even a little Duran Duran is detected in "Dark Walls," a more rocking, full sounding tune with a steady squealing synth throughout. The indie rock quota is also filled by other tracks on the album like "Wrong Again" and "Paper Hearts." Despite these songs, Hexes for Exes is still a danceable record, with a prime example the tune "Crash 'N Burn Victims" filled with beats, glitches and double hand claps for the disco roller skater in you.

This album is a good effort by Moving Units. Some of the songs kind of melt together and fade into the back of your brain. There isn't a specific stand out track in this album, but rather a series of pretty good tunes. Hexes for Exes won't shake your world, but slap on a pair of ridiculously tight skinny pants and shake your ass instead. They're on tour now. Some dates, appropriately, with VHS or Beta.

Moving Units


Metropolis Records

Hexes For Exes