On The Cover - Working For A Nuclear Free City


We were first introduced to Working For A Nuclear Free City just about one year ago. Last November an anglophile buddy of The Tripwire tipped us off to this Manchester based four-piece and their debut self-titled album. Their lush soundscapes brought to mind the sounds of Madchester back in its heyday, complete with infectious grooving bass lines and danceable beats.

WFANFC may have a dance chromosome embedded in their DNA, but these lads are much more than that. On top of their Primal Scream roots you'll find traces of acoustic experimental pop of the Beta Band, the expansive sonic beauty of Spiritualized, the shoegaze beauty of Slowdive and much more. Beginning back in 2001 as a studio project for brothers Phil and John Kay along with school friend Gary McLure, their early material consisted of slow instrumental tracks. Once they added bassist Ed McLure, the dance beats arrived, as did vocals. Phil Kay explained, "Sometimes a song doesn't need words. But we always intended to have vocals on these tracks."

With all of these different musical elements working together, WFANFC have created some of the most fascinating textures and melodies around. Finally, their music is heading to our shores via a double-disc release on Deaf Dumb & Blind Recordings. Businessmen & Ghosts combines their debut LP, the Rocket EP along with a number of previously unreleased tracks. The album will hit stores on November 13, and we'll have plenty more on that over the next three weeks.

To get things started, here is our exclusive photo shoot with the band in their home city of Manchester. We sent out photographer extraordinaire Shirlaine Forrest to take some snaps of Working For A Nuclear Free City, which you can see below. To catch a sneak peek at the band's forthcoming US release, hit up their MySpace page for some audio to help introduce you to their amazing style of cross genre awesomeness.

Photos by Shirlaine Forrest

Working For A Nuclear Free City
Deaf Dumb & Blind Recordings

On The Cover - Working For A Nuclear Free City