Soft Prepares To Release Debut LP This Month

Rather than rush into recording an album before they had solid material, Soft took their time, spending three years to write and record their debut LP. On October 23 they will be releasing Gone Faded, which the band says has no filler songs, "just hits, and lots of them." The NYC group will be putting the album out on Silver Sleeve Records, including the songs "Droppin," "Dumb Blood" and "Hot Club."

If you were holding out on purchasing a copy of their EP, you're officially out of luck. The band has sold out of their Soft EP, and have no plans on printing up another run of them. Also, the band has three CMJ performances to help celebrate the release of Gone Faded. If you're in the NYC area, you should consider hitting up one of these performances.

To get a sample of their new tune "Droppin," click here.

Gone Faded
01. "Gone Faded"
02. "Higher"
03. "You Make Me Wanna Die"
04. "Droppin'"
05. "Dumb Blood"
06. "Great Spirit"
07. "Ten Times Strong"
08. "Gold"
09. "Hundred Days"
10. "Ring On"
11. "Hot Club"

Soft CMJ Performances
10.16.07 - New York, NY (The Delancey - Official Showcase)
10.19.07 - Brooklyn, NY (Galapagos - Crashin' In Party)
10.19.07 - Brooklyn, NY (Zebulon w/ My Best Friend)


Soft Prepares To Release Debut LP This Month