Thrill Jockey Celebrates 15 Years With Box Set

One of the cooler labels on the globe, Thrill Jockey, is turning 15 years old. Rather than renting out a moon bounce or another inflatable bouncy apparatus, they decided to crank out a sweet box set to commemorate the event. Hitting stores on December 4, it will be a limited edition, containing 180 mg 7" singles of Thrill Jockey artists covering their favorite Thrill Jockey songs. Yes, this is going to be amazing!

The collection is currently planned as a set of nine singles, as well as a few extra goodies. Here is the rundown on who covered what:

The Sea and Cake covered Califone's "Spider's House"
Tortoise covered Nobukazu Takemura's "Falls Lake"
Arbouretum covered Thalia Zedek's "Bus Stop"
Pit er Pat covered The Lonesome Organist's "Flew Out My Window"
Directions In Music covered Jeff Parker's "Toy Boat"
Pullman covered Chicago Underground Quartet's "3 am"
David Byrne covered The Firey Furnaces' "Ex Guru"
Archer Prewitt covered The National Trust's "Mrs. Turner"
Bobby Conn, Califone and Thalia Zedek covered Freakwater's "Washed In The Blood," "Jewel" and "Flat Hand"
Freakwater covered The Zincs' "Passengers"
The Zincs covered Giant Sand's "Blue Marble Girl"
Howie Gelb covered Josh Parish's "Boxers"
John Parish covered Califone's "Vampiring Again"
Sue Garner & Rick Brown covered OOIOO's "UMO"
Adult. covered Pit er Pat's "Underwater Wave Game"
Angela Desveaux covered Arbouretum's "Two Moons"
Eleventh Day Dream covered Sue Garner's "I Like The Name Alice"

Thrill Jockey is currently planning an anniversary show in Chicago, with details coming soon.
Thrill Jockey

Thrill Jockey Celebrates 15 Years With Box Set