Bob Mould Readies 2008 Release

Oh Bob Mould, we knew it wouldn't be long before we heard from you again. Hot on the heels of his current tour and DVD announcement, the former front man for Sugar and Husker Du just signed with Anti-, and is planning on putting out a new record on February 5, 2008. Titled District Line, the album will be comprised of ten tracks, one of them ("Walls of Time") being an outtake from his 1989 release, Workbook.

District Line

01. "Stupid Now"

02. "Who Needs To Dream"

03. "Again and Again"

04. "Old Highs New Lows"

05. "Return To Dust"

06. "The Silence Between Us"

07. "Shelter Me"

08. "Very Temporary"

09. "Miniature Parade"

10. "Walls In Time"
Bob Mould


Bob Mould Readies 2008 Release