Hot Chip Ready Made In The Dark

Is it bad that Hot Chip's The Warning is still in our current rotation? Yeah, we didn't think so either. It's hard to believe that the guys are already getting ready to release a brand new record, Made In The Dark, on February 5, 2008.

The album will host thirteen tracks including "Shake A Fist," "Bendable Poseable," "We're Looking For A Lot Of Love," "Ready For The Floor," "One Pure Thought," "Made In The Dark," and "In The Privacy Of Our Love." If some of those track names look familiar, you are officially an uber-fan. They have performed some of them live on tour over the last two years.

No other details are really known at this point, but once they are we will be sure and let you know. Oh yeah, and does new album = new tour? Let's cross our fingers.

Hot Chip


Hot Chip Ready Made In The Dark