Trick Or Treat Tim Fite Style

While kids will be trolling our streets in search for candy corn and pixie sticks, Tim Fite will be giving music fans a much better treat: free music. The Brooklyn-based genre mad scientist is offering a free, Halloween-tastic six song EP up for grabs on his website on October 31.

So why a Halloween EP? Fite responded: "Last year when I was trick or treating, I decided go to the house that nobody ever goes to. There was no light on the porch, no jack-o-lantern on the stair, no bowl of candy with a note warning to "only take one." There was only a faint pulsing glow under the door, and a large wrought iron knocker. I knocked, and a very old man answered the door. He said he didn't have any candy (because it was bad for his diabetes), but that he'd be happy to give me a recording of his six favorite songs. I held out my sack, and with a shaking veiny hand, he dropped in a worn looking cassette tape. I said thank you, and walked quickly back to the road."

"As soon as I got home, I popped the tape into my boom-box. The music that came out was like none I'd ever heard before - sort of a cross between a horror movie soundtrack and an instrumental funk/disco record played on vintage synthesizers. There were no vocals and no indication on the tape as to where the music came from, only six of the scariest songs I had ever listened to. I wanted to know more about them, but that was going to have to wait until morning."

"The next day I went back to the house to ask the strange old man about his favorite songs. When I arrived there was a realtor tapping a for sale sign into the grass with a yellow mallet. I asked her if the old man was home; her face dropped and she replied, "Goodness no! He passed on about six months ago. I think it was the diabetes."

"For the year since that fateful Halloween, I have been haunted by the old man's favorite songs. I couldn't help but wonder if there was some kind of supernatural force at work that wanted me to add lyrics to them."

Once you've polished off those funky tasting candy pumpkins, make sure you head out and catch Fite live. He has a few November dates up in Canada and along the east coast. Peep the dates below.

11.08.07 - Montreal, QC (La Sala Rossa)
11.09.07 - Toronto, ON (The Drake)
11.10.07 - Grand Rapids, MI (Calvin College)
11.11.07 - Chicago, IL (Lakeshore Therater)
11.12.07 - Louisville, KY (930 Listening Room)
11.13.07 - Columbus, OH (Wexner Center)
11.14.07 - Pittsburgh, PA (Andy Warhol Museum)
11.15.07 - Philadelphia, PA (North Star Bar)
11.16.07 - Arlington, VA (iota)
11.17.07 - New York, NY (Blender Theatre At Grammercy)
11.18.07 - Boston, MA (Museum Of Fine Arts)

Tim Fite

Trick Or Treat Tim Fite Style