Chris Walla Readies Solo Effort

The name Chris Walla pops up quite often these days. When he isn't spending time on guitar with Death Cab For Cutie, he's busy producing records for bands such as The Decemberists and Tegan & Sara. The talented dude is now about to unleash his debut solo effort, Field Manual. The album, out on Jaunuary 29 via Barsuk, nearly didn't survive thanks to US Customs confiscating the hard drive containing critical album files. Cuz you know, those songs could contain hidden codes for trading top secret spy-type information.

Walla is still without his trusty hard drive, so he is now working with his original tapes and a back up drive to help finish out the album. Ironically, Field Manual is quite political, taking plenty of stabs at America's various political policies. Sounds like he now has even more reason to damn the man.

Oh, and FYI, he is currently working on a new Death Cab album, currently scheduled for sometime in spring or summer of '08.

Chris Walla

Chris Walla Readies Solo Effort