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Chioma's Stylee Fridays

The lovely Nick Catchdubs put me on to Mishka NYC a few seasons ago, but it took a visit to their new pop-up store in Williamsburg to fully wrap my brain around their weird and wonderfulness—the pyramid-giving-the-finger graphics and blood shot eyeball weirdness. The space is crammed with all kinds of odd collectibles that have inspired collections past and present. There’s a life-sized ET replica that doubles up as a laundry basket an impeccable collection of mad balls (see their Fall 07 madball sweaters), Olympic Russian teddy bears (Mike, one half of Mishka is Russian) and lots of other ’80s ebayables. The Mishka boys like to throw a few solid musical notes in every collection, for Fall 07 it’s a Miami Vice-hued “Bears Don’t Cry” sweater inspired by the cover art of the inpirational Cure album, and a denim jacket plastered with artwork by Derek Riggs of Iron Maiden fame. Thankfully this temp spot on north 5th and Bedford will be open for all of the 50 something shopping days now left until Christmas.

Chioma's Stylee Fridays