Chioma’s Stylee Fridays

David Saunders bka David David has been a firm favorite around these parts since we spotted one of his hand-painted tees in a Bloc Party video a while ago. I had the opportunity to talk to David about his collabo with Fred Perry last season (we talked about everything from animal kingdom fashions to being an art artist to Tracey Emin), and I must say for such a talented double-threat kinda dude he’s an extremely humble—dare i say—shy guy!

David had an exhibit during London fashion week and has recently put up pictures of the official men’s and women’s wear launch on his website. Granted, we’ll have to wait until Spring 2008 to get our hands on the collection but at least we can share/dream of the awesomeness while we wait on the first daffodils to break out. What I really like about David’s work is that his prints are super intricate to the point of hypnosis. A bit like Islamic art, there’s a real beauty in all the mathematics of his work that goes far beyond any all-over-print ordinariness. All printing aside, a pair of high-waisted sky blue David David pants with side pocket zippers is definitely worth a season’s worth of saving too.

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