Live - Voxhaul Broadcast & The Checks @ The FADER Sideshow

Balancing out meetings, work duties and shows during CMJ week is no easy task. Unfortunately, thanks to work taking a bit longer than expected, I missed out on the first band on Friday's FADER Sideshow bill, Turbo Fruits. They were on my must-see list, and I am still sulking about that one. I did get to the party just in time for one hell of a band, Voxhaul Broadcast.

That is one of the best things about events such as this... the chance to discover new favorites. Los Angeles' Voxhaul Broadcast blazed through a set of dirty, soulful southern rock. Now, when I refer to southern rock, I mean more in a Kings Of Leon kind of way rather than Skynrd. They kicked off another day of music just right, making it just the right time to rock some Southern Comfort. Bring it!

A bit later we got another treat from Auckland, New Zealand. The Checks are one of the bands with heaping helpings of charisma on stage, as frontman Ed Knowles bounced around to tracks off their debut album, Hunting Whales.

These fellas play some might tasty blues rock, with Black Keys-esque vocals and plenty of '60s flavored mod luvin' R&B. It comes as no surprise that they've locked in supporting spots on tours with Oasis, REM and The Hives. These kids have what it takes... so keep an eye and an ear out for The Checks!

Voxhaul Broadcast
The Checks

Live - Voxhaul Broadcast & The Checks @ The FADER Sideshow