Live - Bon Savants @ CMJ

While it is great to discover new bands while attending an event such as CMJ, sometimes you need to see a few old favorites as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Bon Savants were added to a bill at Mercury Lounge, a band I haven't seen for many months until now.

After a few hellos, the Boston lads took the stage as the opening band of the evening. This is a band that is quite worthy of a much better time slot, but the guys made the best of it. A good portion of the band's set came from their debut album, Post Rock Defends The Nation, including "This Could Never Work Between Us" and "Between The Moon And The Ocean."

Longtime fans of the band were treated to some new material that frontman Thom Moran has been working on for their next album. We've heard a few of the demo tracks, but it is always cool to see how they work on stage. "Get Ready" was one hell of a surprise, adding in a cool blast of lounge-tastic grooveness to the band's already fantastic sound. A bit '80s pop, a bit danceable fun of bands such as Tigercity, all with Moran's smooth like butter vocals. The ladies will be loving this one.

The other new tune I recognized from the last time I caught the Savants. "Dreams Kick In" could very well be the song that finally launches this band into the national spotlight, chock full of great pop hooks and memorable melodies. This one comes to life on stage, and once it is properly put down on tape I could see it turning many, many heads. 2008 could very well be the year of Bon Savants. We'll be keeping a close eye on them over the next several months.

Bon Savants

Live - Bon Savants @ CMJ