Live - White Denim @ The FADER Sideshow

Sometimes it takes traveling halfway across the country to see a band from your own backyard. For this is exactly what had to happen in order to finally catch a live set by Austin's very own White Denim. This rock trio have become some serious hot shit in the Lone Star State, and now that they have taken over CMJ, it looks like the secret is out.

Our own Kyle Rother introduced us to White Denim back in March. His eardrums were blown away by their mad skills, and so was I. Describing the madness that is White Denim is far from easy. Take "Darksided Computer Mouth," which is just a loud, fucking great good time. A great hook almost gets lost in a sea of guitar noise and random screams, yet that unstoppable bass line just never quits. I've got to give it up to that kid, as he can rock the hell out of a bass guitar.

My favorite jam from their all too brief set was "Let's Talk About It." This is a monster of a sick indie rock track, edgy and noisy with a pop core that makes it irresistible. These fellas put on one of the finest performances to grace the stage at this year's FADER Sideshow. Few dudes put as much rock & roll and sweat into their time at this event, leaving us totally blown away. You can bet your sweet ass that I'll be front and center during their set at Austin's upcoming Fun Fun Fun Fest.

White Denim

Live - White Denim @ The FADER Sideshow