Freeload: DJ Rekha’s Basement Bhangra Micromix

October 23, 2007

Dudes, it is like 3 PM, do you know what you are doing tonight? We know what we're doing! Tonight at SOBs our very own Eddie Stats will be continuing his Basement Bhangra night where he and DJ Rekha play bhangra jams that are impossible not to love. This time it's a little different though, because Rekha is also celebrating the release of her Basement Bhangra compilation on Koch records. So far we can tell you that the album is highly enjoyable, and the reason we know is because we have been JAMMING Rekha's album micromix, which you can also jam by downloading below. Check the tracklist after the jump so you can put some titles to those jams!

Download: DJ Rekha's Basement Bhangra Micromix

DJ Rekha and Sunil Sehgal f. Bikram Singh & Wyclef Jean, "Basement Bhangra Anthem"

Sunil Sehgal f. Pappi Gill, "Fakir"

Punjabi MC, "Snake Charmer"

Tigerstyle f. Gunjan, "Aaja Nachiye Boliyan Paiye"

Taz Dhillon f. Amar Arshi, "Teri Sadi"

Subs vs. Apache Indian, "Tere Toor"

Ominous DJs f. Lehmber, "Panj Bindiyaan"

DJ Sanj f. Soni Pabla, "Boli Panieh"

Dr Zeus f. Lehmber, "Tin Cheejha"

Eddie Stats & Dinesh, "Devi Rhythm"

The Dhol Foundation, "Dhol, Dark and Handsome"

Tigerstyle f. Labh Janjua, "Akh Mastani (Punjabi Drums Mix)"

Mentor Koektiv, "Pasand"

Sona Family f. Hard Kaur, "Glassy"

Hard Kaur, "Sexy Boy"

Dj Rekha and Dave Sharma, "Bhanghall"

Malkin Singh remixed by Bally Sagoo, "Gur Nal Ishq Mitha"

Posted: October 23, 2007
Freeload: DJ Rekha’s Basement Bhangra Micromix