Nirvana's MTV Unplugged DVD Set For November Release

Your calendar is not playing tricks on your warped mind. It is in fact 2007. But thanks to AJ Schnack's magnificent channeling of Kurt through the audio flashback of Kurt Cobain About A Son, the heartwarming reminder of just how important the screaming blonde genius from Aberdeen Washington was to the sinking death star that is rock and roll, Nirvana continues to live as though the trigger were never pulled.

Nirvanatics will be able to shoot yet another uplifting hit on November 20, 2007 when the creepiest suicide session ever captured on video tape, MTV Unplugged In New York, will finally be released on DVD. The disc will feature the tracks "Oh Me" and "Something In The Way" (which landed on the audio disc released posthumously after Cobain's final blast in 1994) but failed to make the final cut on the band's legendary stripped down performance. Old faithful and young worhsippers will also be able to gorge on four additional songs from the pristine session's soundcheck as well as behind-the-scenes moments of Kurdt in his glistening prime.

Yes, and Kurt's ex-wife and Madonna impersonator Courtney Love has signed on to executive produce a drama for the silver screen based on Heavier Than Heaven, the 2001 bio written by Charles Cross, which featured an onslaught of friend and family testimonials along with unpublished journals and stories from everyone but Kurt. Hopefully that flick will be better than Nick Broomfield's dreary doc Kurt & Courtney.

"Oh Me"

"Something In The Way"

MTV Unplugged In New York DVD

Nirvana's MTV Unplugged DVD Set For November Release