Fool’s Gold Tour Blog: Vancouver

October 24, 2007

A-Trak chopping up "My Love"

Mistaken identity! Men on films! Tzatziki sauce! The Fool's Gold tour
made it to Vancouver for the second of three Canadaland dates, and
this is what went down up norf...

We were still high (on life) from the Hiro show, which somehow made
the trip to LaGuardia not feel like a total slog, even though our
flight to Van was canceled and we had to get on a connection to MTL.
Mehdi and Kavinsky debated the finer points of French French
with Montrealers.

After Paul Devro and his brother
scooped us at the airport, we hit the venue in Vancouver, Celebrities.
It usually hosts more...festive events than ours. Downstairs in the
basement there were all sorts of props like giant paper mache Eyes
Wide Shut

The crowd was really live throughout, from the moment they opened
doors until the plug got pulled at the end of the night. Even the girl
who asked "Are you Flosstradamus?"

Kid Sister live at Celebrities

I'll probably talk more about him in another post, but that handsome
devil to the left is our tour manager/sound dude, Zane. He's also
Devendra's tour manager/sound dude, and was a former tour
manager/sound dude for Bloc Party. Six degrees of FADER!

Speaking of...

LA insanity coming soon!


Posted: October 24, 2007
Fool’s Gold Tour Blog: Vancouver