Georgie James is the courageous cross-country collaboration of John Davis, former D.C. drumsticker for the Dischord audio arch villains Q And Not U, and Los Angeles chanteuse Laura Burhenn, who released a fetching pile of solo endeavors on her Laboratory Records imprint before hitching a ride to our Nation's capitol where she and Davis hatched the plan for this throwback groove crew.

Fortunately for fans of spazzy guitar riffs, Davis has not abandoned the schizophrenic excitement captured on his previous band's debut No Kill, No Beep Beep. In addition to scribbling coiled drum beats, Davis proudly grinds an intrepid axe and favorable vocals in this versatile enterprise while Burhenn's finicky punching of ritzy Rhodes Piano keys provide palatial groundwork for her genteel harmonies that fit like a velvet sarcophagus on an icy winter night.

Produced by Chad Clark of Beauty Pill and TJ Lipple of Aloha, Places is the radiant product of polished performers whose enduring allegiance to music making is reflected on the standout shimmers "Need Your Needs" and "More Lights" which reflect an endless constellation of lustrous shine.

Every captivating knock packs a radio friendly punch while flouncing with the sexy bustle of an indie rock contortionist. The elastic attractiveness of Georgie James makes the spirited intoxication felt after consuming Places difficult to label and accessible to anything with a pair of working ears.

Like Spoon bending backwards to the swank disco break of Rilo Kiley, or a sweaty summer vacation in the family truckster smooshed between The Shins and The Kinks with Simon And Garfunkel at the wheel, Places is a handsome champion, uncontested as this year's most zestful and bewitching album.

With label mates like Bright Eyes, Art In Manilla and Tokyo Police Club, the perplexing shower of nobility and glamour that flawlessly cascade from the pores of Georgie James make them a fine addition to the colorful assortment of bands on Saddle Creek.

"Need Your Needs" MP3

Georgie James